Computer Science Curricula 2013 untuk mahasiswa Komputer

The ACM and IEEE-Computer Society respectively appointed the Steering Committee co-chairs, who, in turn, recruited the other members of the Steering Committee in the latter half of 2010. This group received its charter and began work in fall 2010, starting with a survey of Computer Science department chairs (described below). The Steering Committee met for the first time in February 2011, beginning work with a focus on revising the Body of Knowledge (BoK). This initial focus was chosen because both the CS2008 report and the results of the survey of department chairs pointed to a need for creation of new knowledge areas in the Body of Knowledge. The Steering Committee met in person roughly every 6 months throughout the process of producing this volume and had conference call meetings at monthly intervals. Once the set of areas in the new Body of Knowledge was determined, a subcommittee was appointed to revise or create each Knowledge Area (KA). Each of these subcommittees was chaired by a member of the Steering Committee and included at least two additional Steering Committee members as well as other experts in the area chosen by the subcommittee chairs. As the subcommittees produced drafts of their Knowledge Areas, others in the community were asked to provide feedback, both through presentations at conferences and direct review requests. The Steering Committee also collected community input through an online review and comment process

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